Bespoke Labels

We can offer both plain and printed labels, produced using the latest flexographic and digital print presses. The experience of our staff and high quality machinery ensures your labels are produced to very high standard whilst being competitively priced.

Finishes for Labels

We can finish labels with Matt, Satin or full gloss varnishes and can over laminate for weather and chemical protection.

Range of Adhesives

Standard Permanent:

A strong hold for general use.

Hi-Tak Permanent:

A more robust adhesive to provide a very strong hold for labels. Used mostly in Pathology and Pharmacy Departments.


An adhesive that allows for the label to be peeled away without damaging the material it is adhered to.

Wash Off:

Much like the standard permanent adhesive this offers a strong general use hold. However, when soaked in warm water, it can be easily removed from the material surfaces without leaving any adhesive residue.

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