Privacy Policy

Midco Privacy Statement – Customers, Contractors, Suppliers and Partners

1.0 Introduction

1.1 This Midco Privacy statement is written in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) 2018. The Midco Privacy Statement provides customers, contractors, suppliers and partners with information about the type of personal data we collect and what we do with that data. It also details how we keep personal data secure.

1.2 Midco has a lawful basis for processing personal data. Midco requires a limited amount of business contact data from customers, contractors or partners as part of our business operation.

2.0 Midco Customer, Contractor, Supplier and Partner Data

2.1 Midco only holds business data on customers, contractors, suppliers and partners. We require this information to fulfil our business relationships. We process these details in order to manage our business relationships effectively and efficiently. The data we retain includes:

  • Contact names and job titles.
  • Business telephone numbers and business addresses.
  • Business e-mail addresses.

2.2 We do not share customer, contractor, supplier or partner data with third parties. If we are requested to provide this information we obtain a written consent from our customer, contractor, supplier or partner before we provide this information. We do not request personal data from our customers, contractors, suppliers or partners. 

2.3 We retain business data electronically for the duration of our business relationship. We subsequently retain it for 6 years from the end of the last company financial year.

4.0 How is data stored?

4.1 Midco Customer, Contractor, Supplier and Partner data is stored on our IT system. Our IT system is managed by a partner IT Company who ensures our data is encrypted and backed up.

5.0 Additional Information

5.1 In line with the GDPR legislation individuals have the right to access, amend and have their data erased. This can be arranged by contacting the Midco Company General Manager.

5.2 Midco may also send out information relating to changes in the services that we provide. If this information is not required please contact the Company General Manager.

5.3 For further information on how personal data is used, how we maintain the security of data and rights to access personal data, please contact the Company General Manager.

Position: Company General Manager
Date: 1st January 2019